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Lake Ontario Shoreline - Topcoflex TLRLooking for Lunch - Kodak DCS 760Lake Effect Snow - Balda Folder, Radionar lensFairport Along the Erie Canal - shot with $100 Bronica SQBasement, Antique Consignment in Palmyra - Contax IIErie Canal - Contax IIA Cruise Night - Norita 66Unintended Double Exposure - Norita 66Duesenburg - Ikonta, Novar lensWayne Dumlins Car Show, Marion, NY - IkontaGreenhouse, Pittsford, NY along the Erie Canal - WeltaxPittsford, NY  - Welta Weltax, f2.8 Xenar lensPittsford, NY - WeltaxA Stop Along the Canal - Agfa Isolette IICanal Walk - Agfa Isolette II